Month: May 2013

A brilliant wel…

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A brilliant well written first book from a very talented young writer. Well done Heather. Already recommending this to friends and family.

A lovely review from someone on Amazon 🙂

The Sugary Sherburts

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I’ve just been thinking about writing a second book about the Sugary Sherburts…

Great imaginati…

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Great imagination with loads of adjectives. I felt as if I were there…being sucked into the atmosphere…. can’t wait to hear what my kids say after reading it.

Thanks to Mrs Tammie L Sephton  for their review of the Sugary Sherburts on Amazon 🙂

I just finished reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

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Ben’s mum and dad like to watch dancing programs on television. One day Ben went to his Granny’s house when his parents went to watch dancing. When Ben went to get biscuits from the biscuit tin in the kitchen, there was stacks of jewels in there! Ben’s noticed then that his gran has a big secret – she is a GANGSTA GRAN! The story is awesome, Ben learned to really appreciate his ‘Gangsta Granny’, it is a really funny story for kids!

Sugary Sherburts currently free download on the Kindle

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The Sugary Sherburts is currently free to download on the Kindle from, for a limited time only! The promotion ends today: 25th May 2013.