Month: July 2013

Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure teaser

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My new book teaser trailer, that I have been working on. Enjoy.

“Shrinking Violet is totally famous” by Lou Kuenzler

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I am half way through reading  “Shrinking Violet is totally famous” by Lou Kuenzler. I am reading this book for the summer reading challenge from my local library.

The story is about a girl called Violet who shrinks when she gets excited. There are ony two people who know she shrinks, her best friend “Nisha” and her grandma (who also used to shrink!)

It’s a great story, where Violet finds out that her star (her favourite TV program) Stella Lightfoot, is coming to her local book shop to do a book siging. Violet gets so excied about it that she shrinks! She gets put in Nisha’s pocket but the seam rips, Nisha doesn’t notice and Violet ends up in a sandpit, where her struggle to meet Stella Lightfoot begins.

I liked the way the author used their imagination to present a book where someone shrinks, and turns it into a great adventure book. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about the book, I would recommend it to girls, aged from eight years old and upwards.

I would give this book a 7/10 at the moment but I will update you when I finish the book!

Standalone book

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I blogged about my book dilemma the other day – but I have decided I am going to release my standalone children’s book next.

It is being proof read at the moment and the pictures are being done.

I did have a name for the book, but someone has already used that so I am going to think of another one.

Once I have released it I can concentrate on Sugary Sherburts 2!

I am excited about releasing it!

Book dilemma

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In May I published this kid’s book called “The Sugary Sherburts”, which was quite popular.

Lots of people keep asking me when the second book will be coming out i.e.. The Sugary Sherburts 2. I have started writing that but it takes time, I want it to be as good as the first one and can’t rush it.

I wrote another kids book in-between that, which I would like to release soon (I don’t know what I will call it yet).

The thing is, everyone is waiting for The Sugary Sherburts 2 and not the other books I wrote.

Do I hold onto the standalone book I wrote, to release later – or hold on for releasing The Sugary Sherburts 2 when I have finished it and release that as my second book.

It would be interesting to know what people think?

A long time ago in a very frosty village called Thornton

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My dad has been on his travels this weekend, and e-mailed me a nice picture (attached).

The picture has special meaning because of the Sugary Sherburts book I wrote, see the opening line of the book and it will make sense!

“A long time ago in a very frosty village called Thornton, there lived a family called the Sugary-Sherburts.”


Lovely to hear Leeds Children’s Hospital received my book

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I donated a copy of my book for the poorly children at Leeds Children’s hospital, to try and cheer them up a bit. I am pleased that they received the Sugary Sherburts ok, I really hope the kids like reading it! 

A big thank you to 10 year old Heather Ellis who sent us ‘The Sugary Sherburts’, a book that she wrote!  We’re sure all the children will love reading her chocolaty tale!


My trip to Yorkshire Coast Radio

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My trip to Yorkshire Coast Radio

On the left is me, Heather. The girl in the right of the photo is called “Caroline”, thank you for looking after me!

Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

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I have just finished reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.

Mr Fox has a wife and four children, but to feed them he sneaks out every night to get food. He steals food from these three horrible farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean. However they are out for revenge! 

All the school children have  rhyme that goes:

“Boggis and Bunce and Ben,
One fat, one short, one lean,
These horrible crocks, 
So different in looks, 
Were none less equally mean”

I really liked the way that the three men tried to get revenge, and never succeeded. 

There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about the book. It was a really interesting read, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t my favourite Roald Dahl book though, that was “The Twits”.

I give is 8/10, I would recommend it to children 7 upwards.