Month: August 2013

Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure

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Did anyone manage to download my book over the two days of free downloads? 

I would be interested to hear any feedback!

My book Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure is currently free on Amazon. Go get it!

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My book Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure is currently free on Amazon. Go get it!

As promised bloggers! Enclosed is the link to my new book. It is free for 24 hours on Amazon! The new book is called “Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure” and is suitable for readers age 8 +


Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure

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Rosie and Camilla's Candyland Adventure

Hi bloggers!

My first copy of my new book arrived today, I am so excited. Here is a photo of the book.

This is the link to the Kindle version

It is on free download tomorrow only, I will post again tomorrow to remind you all!

Introducing my cat Jemima

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She was a rescue cat from the RSPCA, when we got her she had no fur what so ever, and was terrified of everything for the first few months. She would hide under the sofa. However, now when any members of my family come round to visit, she’s always there to greet them. She’s a loving lap cat, and now she will even venture outside. This summer Jemima’s been chasing butterflies around the garden.
She is a lovely and cute creature. 🙂

Introducing my cat Tobio

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Introducing my cat Tobio

Introducing my cat Tobio.

He is two years old and we have had him since a kitten.

When we got him was the size of a five pounds note, he was the only black and white cat in a giant litter of ginger cats!

He has white marks on his face above his mouth which look like a smiley moustache!

This is a bit of an action picture, he goes crazy when you play with him with a drinks straw. I don’t know why, he just loves playing with them!

As you can see, his favourite hiding place is under the sofa, where he pounces on your feet when you aren’t looking.

He is a very cheeky monkey.

Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure Teaser

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This is the teaser created on YouTube for my new kids fiction book called “Rosie and Camilla’s Candyland Adventure”, which I released at the weekend on the web-site Amazon.

I really liked making this video and the content – what do you think of it?

My new book

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My new book is due for release on Sat 10th August on Amazon. I am so excited about this! I will update about details very soon!