My great nanny and the Hawker Typhoon

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My great nanny died in 2012.
My nanny was a wonderfully kind, friendly, knowledgeable and generous lady, and we still think about her every day.
The photo attached is of a model, a British second world war plane called the “Hawker Typhoon”.
My great nanny used to help build the wings of the RAF Hawker Typhoon aeroplane during the second world war.
There was a shortage of men to do the work back then, so ladies helped build them. I have inherited this model of her Typhoon after she died. She used to keep this aeroplane on show in her living room, she was very proud of it and its heritage. My nanny had a very difficult time during the war growing up, but later in life she travelled all over the world with the Navy, until she retired.
I am learning about World War II at school at the moment and I feel very sad because my nanny would ALWAYS talk about the war. She would have loved the fact that I am studying World War II, she would have had so many stories to tell me.

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