My review of the 1D (One Direction) movie “This Is Us”.

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I went to see the new “One Direction: This Is Us” movie yesterday – in 3D, with my mum (and my dad – he was the only man there!).

The movie stars the members of One Direction – Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

It’s a documentary about my favourite British boy band called ‘One Direction’ and how they became successful over the last few years. The documentary follows them on their journey around the world! It is a great insight into the world of boy bands though and how they live.

The movie is for the fans, I lost count of how many times One Direction band members thanked fans in the movie! I know a lot of young people would love to be on the X-Factor, we would love to be good at singing and be famous, but there is one scene in the movie where the One Direction visit a sports shop in a place called Amsterdam and they get spotted by fans, and they quickly get overcome and trapped in the shop with their security guards – it must be very worrying for them.

There is plenty of music in the film including some of their hits “You don’t know you’re bautiful’, ‘Rock Me’, ‘Kiss You’ and ‘I Would’ and they did a cover of a song called ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ (I have never heard of it, my mum says it’s by a rock group called Wheatus).

The movie also shows the backstage playfulness of the boy band and the crazy fun and mischief they get up to.

I loved the 3D part of the movie, when the band are on stage singing, things like the microphones that they are holding pop out of the screen and add a certain extra ‘cool’ to the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie it was awesome, it all sounds fun but it must be a dreadful to not be able to go anywhere without being recognised, to have to work so hard, and live so far away from your family all of the time.


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