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How to create a Story Mountain for writers #kidslit #amwriting

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I have created a YouTube video on the web-site called Animoto.

In this video it explains how to create a story mountain, to plan out stories.

I do a story mountain before I start writing a story, to plan everything out.

It doesn’t always go to plan but I really like the video, hopefully kids will be able to use the video and maybe even some adults!

I hope that you all like the video as well!

The results of my David Walliams book poll are in!

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I must report that ‘Gangsta Granny’ was a runaway success in the poll for best David Walliams book.

I ran the poll a few weeks ago, to coincide with the new book release.

Gangsta Granny got 100% of the vote.

That is a popular book, also my favourite!

I would recommend to read this for ages 8-10 years, a really funny book 🙂



#Pet bio of my #cat Jemima

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Pet Bio Jemima

Name: Jemima

Age: Approx 6, to be truthful we don’t know (rescue cat).

Date of Birth: The vet believes its approx 2007.

Likes: Sitting on laps, cuddles and chasing butterflies in the garden.

Dislikes: Heights, using the cat flap and being picked up in general.

Favourite Hiding Place: Under the Buddleia in the garden or in her igloo cat bed.

Annoying Habit: Her poo’s absolutely stink (Toxic stuff).

Good Habit : So affectionate and loving.

Distinguishing Features:  She has white paws which look like socks.

Favourite time of the day: When we get up in the morning so she can have her first cuddle of the day.

Inside or Outside: Definite inside cat.

Favourite Hobby: Chasing butterflies

#Pet bio for my #cat Tobio

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Tobio Pet Bio

Pet Bio 



Name: Tobio

Age: 2

Date of Birth: 2011

Likes: Tobio’s favourite thing is food. Apart from being fed he loves playing with straws and watching birds from the garage roof.

Dislikes: Being pestered (he is a bit grumpy when he wants to be on his own).

Favourite Hiding Place: On the window ledge behind the curtains.

Annoying Habit: Treading on your face to wake you up in the morning when he thinks it’s time for breakfast.

Good Habit : Good natured and very friendly (usually).

Distinguishing Features:  Tobio has got a white moustache, which makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.

Favourite time of the day: Breakfast and tea time.

Inside or Outside: Favourite place is outside in the garden.

Favourite Hobby: Bringing mice in from outside and then forgetting about them.

My review of Now 85! #musicreview

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I like listening to now CD’s and this is my review of Now 85, which I got a couple of months ago on CD.

I think that CD1 is definitely better than CD2, I haven’t really listened to CD2 very much since I got the album. CD2 probably OK for someone but not for me.

My favourite songs are mostly on CD 1 of Now 85; 

22  by Taylor Swift
Hey Porsche by Nelly
Love Me Again by John Newman
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
Heart Attack by  Demi Lovato
True Love by Pink

It’s a really good mix of new songs! It is good value on Amazon as well currently 12.99.

Anyone, especially kids around my age will love this CD. Even my parents don’t mind listening to this CD in the car. I don’t like all of the songs on the album but it is very much like a Radio 1 or Capital Radio compilation / playlist, so you will know almost all of the songs if you listen to the charts.

 One of the best things about the ‘Now’ series, is that it only contains clean versions of the songs. That is great for kids – If they ever let naughty words on the CD I would have to stop buying them!

I can’t wait for Now 86 to come out (November 18, 2013), it is always the best way to get all the current songs all at once.

What to blog about for kids, topics, ideas and suggestions by Heather Ellis

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Ideas, suggestions and topics for kids’ blogs

I made this video for kids who blog like me! What to blog about for kids, topics, ideas and suggestions by Heather Ellis.

This is one of my favourite videos I have made! Give it a try and let me know what you think?

Did it give you some ideas?

#amwriting #indieauthor Excerpt from The Sugary Sherburts

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I thought I would post a small quote from my book called ‘The Sugary Sherburts’ by me (Heather Ellis)

In this part of my book, there is a disaster brewing for one of the main characters called Herbert, at the place where he works.

“Sure enough, inside the factory, the boiler had become so hot that it had begun to screech, groan and rattle. Mr Werly was the very last man to leave the factory, he was doing his final checks and noticed that the boiler had not been switched off. The big button on the wall had a sign which read ‘To turn off boiler, press this red button’, when Mr Werly had pressed it, it had stuck and he was in a state of panic. He skidded through the snow and ice, ran into the yard and screamed “lend a hand turning off the boiler!” His voice echoed through the fields; however his cries for help were unheard as everyone had retired for the day and gone home! There wasn’t a soul around for miles. The ground under Mr Werly rumbled and he turned around. The lanterns at the front of the factory began to swing and windows began to clatter. His mouth was wide open catching flies; he slowly put his hand over his mouth. There was a wailing, metallic screeching noise and he flinched. There was no way that Mr Werly was going to stay and see what happened next, so he ran as fast as he could down the hill shouting “AARRRRGGH” with his arms waving frantically.”

I would love to hear what you think – are you interested in reading more?

Check out my Sugary Sherburts book  on Kindle @ Amazon



World mapping who is visiting my #wordpress #blog

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When you have a word press account and you are logged in, there is a button which says “Stats”.

The stats are awesome, I looked today and the world map in the stats pages;

It shows roughly which countries people are visiting my blog from.


Before you scroll down the page past this map to the list of names, how many countries can you name from this world map?


Here is the list of countries by name! How many did you get?


Check out my practice pumpkin

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Getting ready for Halloween with a practice pumpkin!

My dad interviewed me for my #blog !

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What is your favourite 3 books? Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, The Twits by Roald Dahl and George’s marvellous medicine by Roald Dahl.

What is your favourite album?  Cher Lloyd – Sticks and stones

Why do you like it so much? I like the way she can sing and rap! The songs are catchy!

What is your favourite subject at school?  I should say English but I really like maths!

Who is your idol? My mum is my idol! 🙂

Who do you have posters of on your walls? One direction – all of them but mostly Zayn Malik!

What do you want to be when you grow up? I would love to work as a news reporter.

Do you have any pets which are your favourite? I have two cats, Tobio and Jemima, I love them both the same for lots of different reasons. I don’t love one more than the other.

Tell me about a lovely childhood memory? We went on holiday abroad with my friend, we could keep ourselves occupied!

What is your favourite TV show? At the moment I like Good Luck Charlie on the Disney channel.

Two things that you want to do before your 13? Go to New York and publish another book.

What’s your favourite food of all time? I love chips and gravy when we go on a trip to the beach.

What’s the last CD you bought? Now 85 and Cher Lloyd Sticks and Stones