The power of twitter for the #indieauthor

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I woke up this morning and I had a lovely message from someone on Twitter, who had read my kids book ‘The Sugary Sherburts’ and offered me their support and compliments.

As a new indie author I have found that it’s difficult to get people to read my books and even more difficult to get people to review them. Feedback is always welcome (I could do an entire blog post about it!) …

It really made me smile to get that message and I was so happy about getting feedback.

They then kindly posted a really thoughtful tweet which asked their followers to check out my twitter @heatherellisbks and download my book.

I think their tweet was retweeted about 7 times on twitter by other people. I know that 7 retweets doesn’t sound like a lot, but I briefly looked at their followers they were retweeting to – it was probably close to 70k people. At 10 years old I don’t think that I have even seen 70k people in my life; it is a lot of people!

It just makes me think about how powerful Twitter is, they you can reach so many people that quickly!


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