#amwriting #indieauthor Excerpt from The Sugary Sherburts

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I thought I would post a small quote from my book called ‘The Sugary Sherburts’ by me (Heather Ellis)

In this part of my book, there is a disaster brewing for one of the main characters called Herbert, at the place where he works.

“Sure enough, inside the factory, the boiler had become so hot that it had begun to screech, groan and rattle. Mr Werly was the very last man to leave the factory, he was doing his final checks and noticed that the boiler had not been switched off. The big button on the wall had a sign which read ‘To turn off boiler, press this red button’, when Mr Werly had pressed it, it had stuck and he was in a state of panic. He skidded through the snow and ice, ran into the yard and screamed “lend a hand turning off the boiler!” His voice echoed through the fields; however his cries for help were unheard as everyone had retired for the day and gone home! There wasn’t a soul around for miles. The ground under Mr Werly rumbled and he turned around. The lanterns at the front of the factory began to swing and windows began to clatter. His mouth was wide open catching flies; he slowly put his hand over his mouth. There was a wailing, metallic screeching noise and he flinched. There was no way that Mr Werly was going to stay and see what happened next, so he ran as fast as he could down the hill shouting “AARRRRGGH” with his arms waving frantically.”

I would love to hear what you think – are you interested in reading more?

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