My review of Now 85! #musicreview

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I like listening to now CD’s and this is my review of Now 85, which I got a couple of months ago on CD.

I think that CD1 is definitely better than CD2, I haven’t really listened to CD2 very much since I got the album. CD2 probably OK for someone but not for me.

My favourite songs are mostly on CD 1 of Now 85; 

22  by Taylor Swift
Hey Porsche by Nelly
Love Me Again by John Newman
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
Heart Attack by  Demi Lovato
True Love by Pink

It’s a really good mix of new songs! It is good value on Amazon as well currently 12.99.

Anyone, especially kids around my age will love this CD. Even my parents don’t mind listening to this CD in the car. I don’t like all of the songs on the album but it is very much like a Radio 1 or Capital Radio compilation / playlist, so you will know almost all of the songs if you listen to the charts.

 One of the best things about the ‘Now’ series, is that it only contains clean versions of the songs. That is great for kids – If they ever let naughty words on the CD I would have to stop buying them!

I can’t wait for Now 86 to come out (November 18, 2013), it is always the best way to get all the current songs all at once.


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