#Pet bio for my #cat Tobio

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Tobio Pet Bio

Pet Bio 



Name: Tobio

Age: 2

Date of Birth: 2011

Likes: Tobio’s favourite thing is food. Apart from being fed he loves playing with straws and watching birds from the garage roof.

Dislikes: Being pestered (he is a bit grumpy when he wants to be on his own).

Favourite Hiding Place: On the window ledge behind the curtains.

Annoying Habit: Treading on your face to wake you up in the morning when he thinks it’s time for breakfast.

Good Habit : Good natured and very friendly (usually).

Distinguishing Features:  Tobio has got a white moustache, which makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.

Favourite time of the day: Breakfast and tea time.

Inside or Outside: Favourite place is outside in the garden.

Favourite Hobby: Bringing mice in from outside and then forgetting about them.


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