#Pet bio of my #cat Jemima

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Pet Bio Jemima

Name: Jemima

Age: Approx 6, to be truthful we don’t know (rescue cat).

Date of Birth: The vet believes its approx 2007.

Likes: Sitting on laps, cuddles and chasing butterflies in the garden.

Dislikes: Heights, using the cat flap and being picked up in general.

Favourite Hiding Place: Under the Buddleia in the garden or in her igloo cat bed.

Annoying Habit: Her poo’s absolutely stink (Toxic stuff).

Good Habit : So affectionate and loving.

Distinguishing Features:  She has white paws which look like socks.

Favourite time of the day: When we get up in the morning so she can have her first cuddle of the day.

Inside or Outside: Definite inside cat.

Favourite Hobby: Chasing butterflies


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