Month: November 2013

Heather Ellis guest blog post for Samantha Lafantasie #indieauthor #blog

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Heather Ellis guest blog post for Samantha Lafantasie #indieauthor #blog

I am guest blogger for Samantha Lafantasie today. 

I am so happy that she let me do a guest post for her, go and check it out everyone at the URL

The Sugary-Sherburts and The Stone Witch Teaser Video #amwriting #kidsbook

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Here is my video trailer for my new children’s book called:

The Sugary-Sherburts and The Stone Witch.

Aimed at kids aged 8 plus, I am releasing it next month on 8th December 2013.

Let me know what you think?

Release date for my #kidsbook sequel to The Sugary Sherburts

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I have been working on a new children’s book for a little while. I’m happy to say it’s nearly ready for release now!

It will be a sequel to my debut book called “The Sugary-Sherburts”. I am going to release it on Sunday 8th of December on Amazon.

It’s the first sequel that I have written but not the first book.

The Sugary-Sherburts was a really popular children’s book that I wrote early in 2013. People have been asking when I am going to write the sequel because they liked it so much.

My dad has been doing illustrations for it for the last few nights. I have been telling him what pictures I want… they look awesome, he is really good at drawing! I am so excited about this! =)

I will be creating a video trailer for it soon and I will post it on my blog.


#cooking #recipe for paprika dumplings

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I was at my granddad’s house and he was making Paprika dumplings.

This is what you need to make them.

100g Self raising flour
2 Table spoons of margarine
1/2 Teaspoon Paprika
1/2 Teaspoon herbs de provence
Pinch and half of salt
Pinch and half of pepper
Table spoon of milk


First measure 100g of self raising flour in a measuring jug of some kind on the weighing scales.

Weigh the item you are going to put the flour in first.



Add 2 tablespoons of margarine to the mix.


Half a teaspoon of paprika, and half a teaspoon of herbs de provence into the mixture.


Add pinch and a half of salt and of pepper.




Add the tablespoon of milk to the mixture.

Stir again until the mix has stopped sticking to the side.



Roll your mixture into balls, which should look like this,

There was enough for five dumplings



We added the dumplings to some pork steaks which were already cooking, plus a chasseur sauce but you could even put them into a stew if you want.

Put them into the sauce for half an hour on 175.

At first the dumplings will sink but they will get bigger and rise to the top after 5 / 10 minutes.



My latest video blog, about how to choose your next book? #kidslit

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How do you go about choosing your next kids book? These are some ideas based on how I choose mine =)) Probably some good ideas for books if you’re looking for kids book present ideas for kids. Video created by me Heather Ellis at at

A protest poem against xmas adverts on television #poem @sellis2005

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Are you sick of Christmas adverts dominating your television viewing?

Kindly donated by @sellis2005

I Must Protest

I must protest these Xmas ads,
Are truly awful – just plain bad.

Melodic jingles and evocative tunes,
Festive singers’ usual croons.

Celebrity faces, gifts galore,
Designed to keep us spending more.

Fancy frocks, designer stuff,
Festooned tables, a yearly fuss.

Indulging in junk, a gluttonous feast,
A great big turkey dripping in grease.

Buy now pay later, sales here and there,
New gadgets and gizmos, credit cards beware.

We must spend a fortune, it must be the best,
We require all this frippery if we’re to impress.

Who cares how we pay, let’s worry next year,
As long as it’s perfect and we’ve got lots of gear.

Pressure to deliver, play the perfect host,
Is that what really matters, matters the most?

However we plan, prepare and perfect,
It never goes right – something always gets wrecked.

Don’t fall for their scams, the cons on TV,
It’s what you make of it not what you see.

Enjoy your time off, relax and sit back,
A chat here and there, a beer and a snack.

Don’t be a sheep, conform to ideals,
25th December – just do what you feel.

RT: Poll – What’s Your Favourite Lemony Snicket Book?

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Which is your favourite Lemony Snicket Book?

My Chocolate Victoria Sponge #Cake #Recipe #cooking

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My Chocolate Victoria Sponge – so good that I forgot to take a photo before I started eating it! Whoops!

Ok – I needed some help with some parts of this recipe, so thanks mum for organising the oven part!

The ingredients!

150g margarine
150g caster sugar
150g self raising flour
2 Eggs
2 x 100g Supermarket Own Brand Milk Chocolate Bar
50g Margarine
100g Icing Sugar

1. Get a bowl and cream the margarine, sugar and beat the lightly until they are fluffy.
2. Beat both eggs (one at a time) adding a bit of flour at a time.
3. Melt the chocolate in a Pyrex dish, inside boiling water on the hob
4. Mix half the chocolate and the rest of the mix.
5. Pour the mixture into a thin cake tin.
6. I got my mum to put the cake into the preheated oven on 180C for 25 minutes (Thanks Mum =)

After 25 minutes, take the cake out and cut it horizontally in half.

Let the cake cool down on a rack.

While that is cooling down I made the filling which is called butter cream (substituted with margarine because we don’t use butter!)

7. Get 100g of icing sugar and 50g of margarine and mix thoroughly.
8. Add second half of chocolate into the mix
9. Put butter cream in the fridge to stiffen up a bit

Add butter cream filling.

If you have any butter cream left over make sure you eat the left over filling with a spoon, that is the best bit! 😉

Good luck, if you try this I hope it turns out well 🙂

#Video Of My Favourite #RoaldDahl Books

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This video is my top 5 Roald Dahl books of all time.

Based on my personal favourites, not the recent results of my Roald Dahl survey.

Hope you like my video 🙂