A protest poem against xmas adverts on television #poem @sellis2005

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Are you sick of Christmas adverts dominating your television viewing?

Kindly donated by @sellis2005

I Must Protest

I must protest these Xmas ads,
Are truly awful – just plain bad.

Melodic jingles and evocative tunes,
Festive singers’ usual croons.

Celebrity faces, gifts galore,
Designed to keep us spending more.

Fancy frocks, designer stuff,
Festooned tables, a yearly fuss.

Indulging in junk, a gluttonous feast,
A great big turkey dripping in grease.

Buy now pay later, sales here and there,
New gadgets and gizmos, credit cards beware.

We must spend a fortune, it must be the best,
We require all this frippery if we’re to impress.

Who cares how we pay, let’s worry next year,
As long as it’s perfect and we’ve got lots of gear.

Pressure to deliver, play the perfect host,
Is that what really matters, matters the most?

However we plan, prepare and perfect,
It never goes right – something always gets wrecked.

Don’t fall for their scams, the cons on TV,
It’s what you make of it not what you see.

Enjoy your time off, relax and sit back,
A chat here and there, a beer and a snack.

Don’t be a sheep, conform to ideals,
25th December – just do what you feel.


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