7 days of twitter post ideas

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I have looked at my last months tweets and worked out a list of ideas for authors on Twitter.

Here are some of the different things to tweet about.

Like blog information, news, videos, questions and retweets.

This is only an idea, here is some stuff to tweet for 7 days, morning and night.

Monday morning – Link to something about the world of reading and writing.
Monday afternoon – Link to your book on sale, on the internet (for example Amazon).
Tuesday morning – What’s happening with your writing? Tell people some news 🙂
Tuesday afternoon – Tweet a YouTube link of a video review or a book trailer.
Wednesday morning – Post something on your blog and share it with twitter.
Wednesday afternoon – What are you reading at the moment? Share a good book.
Thursday morning – Ask a question of your twitter followers.
Thursday afternoon –  Re-Tweet several interesting tweets from your followers.
Friday morning – #ff (Friday follow) people who have tweeted and retweeted you this week.
Friday afternoon – It’s Friday, wish everyone a wicked weekend.
Saturday morning – Thank all your followers from the past week, those who mentioned and retweeted you.
Saturday afternoon – Remind people of your blog post from earlier in the week.
Sunday morning – Share a review that someone has written about your book.
Sunday afternoon – Share some news about your favourite author.


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