Have you ever been to the moon? I have, sort of – Timanfaya National Park (Lanzarote)

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When I say that I (sort of) went to the moon – I went on a trip to see a volcanic national park in Lanzarote a few days ago. It was so amazing I wanted to tell you all about it.

About 300 years ago between the years 1730 and 1736 a volcano in Timanfaya, erupted on a small island called Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The last eruption was 1824. The eruptions destroyed a large part of the south of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Much of the destruction can still be seen today. Timanfaya is now a national park in Lanzarote and you can visit it as part of a bus trip.

There is little there apart from the volcanic carnage but it is worth the visit simply for the amazing views, history and to see a volcano is special! The Timanfaya volcano is still alive but has not erupted for a very long time. The volcanic rock has been dumped over miles of land, which used to be green farm land and trees. Although there isn’t much left at Timanfaya, the scene is like nothing you will have ever seen ever seen before. When you step foot in Timanfaya National Park, it is like stepping foot on another planet – perhaps the moon or mars?

Here are some photos I took, I hope you like them!

Pic 1 – Mars perhaps?



Pic 2 – A remote restaurant cooks food from the 300 degree heat made underground.



Pic 3 – Miles of cold volcanic rock, a crazy landscape





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