My review of the Kindle Fire HD 7″

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I love the Kindle Fire HD 7” 16GB, it’s literally the best thing ever for kids my age.


You can surf the internet on it, you can download and play games (there are loads of free ones). You can download and read Kindle books (there are loads of free ones as well if you search for them – the first thing I did was download The Sugary-Sherburts and The Stone Witch!) You can setup and send e-mails and store contacts on the Kindle. The Kindle Fire HD has a camera; you can take nice pictures and watch YouTube and even LoveFilm and Netflix on it. You can even do your shopping if you wanted to over the internet!

The Kindle Fire HD has Parental Controls on it which makes it both safe and annoying for kids.

Parental controls are good for parents but not good for me! :-/

My parents gave me my kindle, it works but it is setup with Parental controls. I understand that they want me to stay safe, but it is a bit annoying. At the moment I can’t listen to music. Nor get e-mail and on the internet. Well, I can, but I have to ask then for a pin number to unlock these things. Your parents can even turn off the wireless if they want.

If you have LoveFilm or Netflix, you can download the LoveFilm or Netflix app onto the Kindle and watch movies. LoveFilm has a feature to enter a pin code on it, as well. The pin is setup from the web-site and on the Kindle. For me it is setup from anything that is above a PG and U. This keeps me from accidentally watching anything I shouldn’t do. I can browse film but as soon as I click, ‘Play’ it asks me for my parents’ permission.

One annoying thing about the Kindle, it didn’t come with a plug charger only a USB charger. You have to buy the plug charge separately. Luckily we found an old phone charger that happens to work.

I love the fact that you can take the Kindle anywhere, it fits in your handbag.

Adults would like the Kindle Fire as well.

The Kindle Fire HD 16GB rocks!


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