The Sugary-Sherburts and The Stone Witch

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I think that it’s AMAZING that a 12 year old blogger (studying in India) has just reviewed my book from a Kindle!
Thank you – Everyone check out Sookthi’s BLOG here:

Sookthi's Book Nook


A young author, Miss Heather Ellis had recently asked me to review her book, a sequel to ‘The Sugary-Sherburts’. The book is skillfully written,and  she shows us the story in a beautiful manner. While reading her book, I could actually feel myself shivering in Thornton (the town where the story takes place), and see the protagonists fighting with the wicked witch, Ola.

The book begins with a description of Thornton in winter. Kit and Kat live with their parents in a little chocolate cottage. They are, as Heather says, ‘a poor but happy family.’ Disaster strikes in Thornton, when the weather becomes exceptionally cold and the sky turns blue-black. Frightening messages appear to be written on clouds and a voice is heard- “I will ruin Christmas day for everyone in Thornton!”, it says.

Kit and Kat resolve to stop the cruel creature from ruining Christmas. They have to climb a…

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