This weeks spellings, meet Miss Collision

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These are last weeks spellings that I had to learn for school (as homework).

I have a spelling test today for column C. Wish me luck!


I wrote this (in fewer than 100 words) to try and use all the words in a bit of writing, to help me, using all of the words. Well sort of.

Miss Collision:

Once upon a time there was a lady called Miss Collision. The Collision family had possession of many guitars and many drums. Her working profession was a percussion instrument teacher. In that way Miss Collision always made things collide. She enjoyed doing comprehension lessons, about the history of instruments. She loved to use persuasive language to get her pupils to learn musical instruments; she offered supervision but tried not to teach with oppression. She made a good impression with teachers, parents and children and then had great progression in her teaching career. 


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