A kids review of “The Lego Movie” (Certificate U)

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On Friday night I went to see the Lego Movie and it was epic, I wanted to tell you about it!


The Lego Movie is certificated U. However the parents found it more amusing to the children. This was because some of the jokes went over our heads (as kids). The movie was about this baddy (called Lord Business – The voice was Will Ferrell). Lord Business has this big tube of glue and he wants to glue all of the Lego pieces together to cause trouble!  Lots of Lego characters – including Batman, Wyldstyle and other characters, including Emmet (The Good Guy – voice by Chris Pratt) gets them all to go on a mission to stop Lord Business.

I loved the movie because it was incredibly funny. Some of the characters are hilarious, including my favourite character who was, “God Cop Bad Cop”. The variety of Lego is brilliant, there is every Lego set you can think of (including The Simpsons!). It must have taken them a very long time to make the movie.

My mum says that grown-ups will love this movie because there is lots of dry wit and sarcasm. She says that it has lots of references to popular culture (whatever that means!). It has lots of retro characters if you like that kind of thing.

It is rated a U, but I would recommend older children and probably adults will enjoy it.

My dad already wants to go and watch it after hearing my mum rave about how good it was.

I give it 10 / 10 – brilliant.

I wish I’d have seen it in 3D because the graphics were excellent!

Here is the video trailer on YouTube.

Have you seen it yet and what did you think?


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