Grandad is… (poem written in 2012)

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Hi everyone, I wrote this poem when I was 9 years old – it is called “Grandad is”.

I have just found it at the bottom of a pile of papers at home and I thought I would post it on my blog.

The poem is in the style of Valerie Bloom, who has created some children’s poems. I was studying her poems at the time (she wrote a poem called “Pinda cake” specifically.

My Grandad is… (awesome)


Grandad is

de galaxy bar floatin’ in de sky

an’ flufffy kitten

chocolate chunks an’ pneapple cubes

fresh chocolate smell in de mornin’

when me wake

Grandaad is

loadin’ up de car

basketful on shopping day

with fresh cheese strings


Grandad is

de pineapples flavouring in de south

sound of de school bell

ring a ding ding


Grandad is

de fireworks in de horizon

underneath de moonlight

an a number one o’ magic

all around me


Grandad my NO: 1 star


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