Connor and Chloe – Their stop at Life’s Doom #amwriting

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Pic was drawn by my dad James Ellis.

This is a snippet of a bit of writing that I did over the last few weeks. I am not sure if I will publish the story, it is about ten pages of A4 at the moment.

Anyway! I hope you like it?

Let me know your thoughts about it?

The stop at Life’s Doom

As the dark afternoon continued, the two teenagers had arrived in a section of woodland called Life’s Doom. The two were getting very tired, it seemed like they had been walking for days. They rambled skittishly throughout life’s doom, trying to find their way when suddenly; Connor saw a shadow emerging towards them. The shadow was lurching and grumbling. They soon realised that it was a blood thirsty man zombie. It must have murdered someone because there was blood all over its ripped clothes. Chloe screamed. Then Connor yelled. The screams echoed through the woods, but no one could hear their cries. Nobody helped.

The zombie had seen the two children and raised its arms in the air and cried in a foreign language. The zombie limped towards them, faster and faster. It moved quicker than a clocks second hand. The zombie had death in its eyes. It was like death at first sight.

The two children held hands and began to run through the trees. The twigs, leaves and branches were thrashed out of the way. As the zombie chased them – several birds were killed. Connor and Chloe were definitely next and they knew it.

They ran as fast as their little teenage hearts would take them.

Luckily for the teenagers Connor noticed there was a large rock, and he dragged Chloe behind it to hide. He put his hand over Chloe’s mouth as she tried to scream. The zombie crunched past them. He was very close and was holding a dead bird in his hand. Luckily the zombie man had not seen the teenagers hiding place. He groaned through the trees searching for them. Moments later the zombie murderer had disappeared into the distance. The teenagers were so relieved that they sighed and Chloe started to cry.

They had frantically come to the end of Life’s Doom. Chloe said that it was pretty doomful in this area.

She asked, “We should move on quickly in-case the zombie comes back again.”


2 thoughts on “Connor and Chloe – Their stop at Life’s Doom #amwriting

    thiskidreviewsbooks said:
    March 24, 2014 at 11:32

    Nice! I love it! Well-done!

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