Top Tips! On-Line Safety Video For Kids On My Blog!

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Yesterday my dad taught me about internet safety.

I have made a video about it, it is below!

The video has all my top tips in for kids internet safety.

Hopefully everyone can learn something – what do you think?

(My dad works in very boring computers!)

1. Be careful when giving out personal information on-line. Beware because if anyone gets your personal information you can be bullied and spammed or worse.

2. You should be careful what pictures and videos you post of you on the intenet. Once a picture or video has been put on the internet, it will be seen by millions.

3. Don’t open types of files like ZIP and EXE files. They may contain a virus – get it checked first by an adult!

4. Don’t give out passwords to people. It’s dangerous if people get hold of your passwords, you don’t want them logging in and sending e-mails from your account. You can give passwords to your parents though if they ask for it, that is safe enough.

5. Use passwords that people can’t guess!

6. To check if a web-site is safe you can type the web-site address into

7. If a web-site makes you feel worried or upset, tell an adult straight away!

8. If someone you speak to on-line wants to meet you in real life, don’t do it. Tell your parents straight away.

Can you think of any others?

Let me know?



2 thoughts on “Top Tips! On-Line Safety Video For Kids On My Blog!

    raulconde001 said:
    April 4, 2014 at 02:10

    Don’t create illegal websites. I think this one they should listen to that advice.

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