Alton Towers theme park, including my top tips!

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Earlier this week my dad and I, went to a theme park called Alton Towers.

Probably the biggest theme park I’ve ever seen in the U.K. In fact it’s so big that you have to take a monorail train from outside, to the actual entrance. This is where the fun begins! = )


First, within Alton Towers let me tell you about the new experience. There is a ride with fourteen loops called “Smiler”, I stayed away from that ride because I was too scared of it! If you’re really brave take a trip on Oblivion, which is a short vertical drop – very scary.

I did take a ride on a rollercoaster called, “Thirteen”, which is a fast rollercoaster, which goes into a dark tunnel; it drops suddenly and then goes super-fast, backwards in the dark. Not for the faint (It was probably my favourite rollercoaster though!) It was fun listening to everyone scream, at the part when the ride dropped.

My other favourite ride on the day was a ride called Sonic. My friends all love this ride as well. You sit in a carriage which spins around whilst you go up and down on a rollercoaster. It curves and gives you a fright especially if you sit backwards, because you don’t know what’s ahead of you.


The runaway train, looks old and wooden, and although it goes fast, it is not very scary.

runaway train

I really enjoyed River Rapids! Although you need to be prepared to get wet because people around the ride can use water guns and squirt you.

I got drenched.


If you’re up for being scared then there is a ride called, The Hex. You listen to the horror story and take a weird ride. The ride is like the inside of a church, there is music and scary lights and the room seems to rotate – it takes you upside down, without noticing.

I recommend Alton Towers for kids age 5 upwards. If you are frightened of scary rides then don’t worry. There is a selection of rides for all the family, all weathers, and if you like upside down rides or easy rides – there is something for everyone at Alton Towers.

My top tips for Alton Towers are:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, you will do lots of walking.
  • Take some drinks or a picnic, food and drink in the park is expensive.
  • Save the big rollercoasters till the end of the day, when the queues are shorter.
  • My dad says if you book online you can save 25% on entry, if you book 7 days in advance.

    If you are interested in reading about Alton Towers and the rides, see their web-site.


    4 thoughts on “Alton Towers theme park, including my top tips!

      Joseph Nebus said:
      April 13, 2014 at 01:09

      This is one of my and my wife’s top aspirational parks. We were able to get to d’Efteling in the Netherlands and Blackpool Pleasure Beach over our honeymoon, but had no way to fit Alton Towers in, alas.

      We have ridden the Wild Mouse that used to be at Alton Towers, though, as it moved to Idlewild park in Ligonier, Pennsylvania; it’s a great ride.

        heatherellisbooks responded:
        April 13, 2014 at 06:34

        Yes, There are some great rides at Blackpool I heard, I will go one day because I have never been. =)

      Ines said:
      April 14, 2014 at 17:17

      Haven’t been to Alton Towers but now we’ve got our Merlin Pass I think we might go soon. =)

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