The fantastic electric furnace at Magna in Sheffield!

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This week I went on a trip to a place called Magna, which is in Sheffield (South Yorkshire in England).

Magna is an old Steel factory which was converted to a science and education centre / museum.

There is lots of Steel Heritage here. You might not have known (I didn’t until I went), but Sheffield was famous for making steel. During World War II, Sheffield was a big target for enemy planes, who were trying to bomb it to destroy the steel factories.

Anyway, the best part of Magna is when they show off the large steel Furnace. They do a demonstration every hour. When they bring the furnace to life, they use a wicked sound and light effects. The show uses pyrotechnics, fire and smoke and lighting. The process is narrated throughout the process. It is loud. It is worth going just for that Furnace demonstration. I really felt like I was part of history and could imagine what it was like back in the olden days, working with this Furnace.

The furnace is so massive, it’s like the size of a football pitch!

Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of the furnace because the demonstration is in darkness.

Here are two of my photos from outside.



Here is a photo from inside (from


Oh yes, I nearly forgot, they have other different areas of the Magna centre. They have different pavillions for Water, Earth, Fire and Air – You can look around all of these, you can read, learn and take part in all the actvities.

A lovely day out.

If you want more information about the Furnace and about Magna:

Have you ever been to Magna?


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