Chocolate sponge loaf! #baking

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Chocolate sponge cake!

Today I baked a chocolate sponge cake loaf – here is how I made it!

Ingredients that you will need:

Loaf tin
Large Bowl
115g Self raising flour
115g Caster Sugar
115g Butter / Margarine
2 x Eggs
As much baking chocolate as you like – as long as you want it chocolatey!


First of all pre heat the oven to between 150/175 degrees!

Grease a loaf tin – don’t forget that part.

Measure out all of the ingredients on measuring scales, then put them together and mix them together thoroughly, in a slow motion. Once complete, it should be into a soft mixture without any lumps in it.



Fetch a loaf tin and grease it with butter and fill it with the soft mixture you have just created. Put the cake in the middle of the oven which you have pre heated. You can put the mixture into cupcake holders instead if you like.
Bake the cake for 25 minutes!


It should rise in the oven, if you stick a fork into the middle of the cake – to tell if it’s done, prod a fork in the middle. Note that no soft eggy mixture comes out on the fork. If it does you need to leave it longer.



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