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My review of the Kindle Fire HD 7″

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I love the Kindle Fire HD 7” 16GB, it’s literally the best thing ever for kids my age.


You can surf the internet on it, you can download and play games (there are loads of free ones). You can download and read Kindle books (there are loads of free ones as well if you search for them – the first thing I did was download The Sugary-Sherburts and The Stone Witch!) You can setup and send e-mails and store contacts on the Kindle. The Kindle Fire HD has a camera; you can take nice pictures and watch YouTube and even LoveFilm and Netflix on it. You can even do your shopping if you wanted to over the internet!

The Kindle Fire HD has Parental Controls on it which makes it both safe and annoying for kids.

Parental controls are good for parents but not good for me! :-/

My parents gave me my kindle, it works but it is setup with Parental controls. I understand that they want me to stay safe, but it is a bit annoying. At the moment I can’t listen to music. Nor get e-mail and on the internet. Well, I can, but I have to ask then for a pin number to unlock these things. Your parents can even turn off the wireless if they want.

If you have LoveFilm or Netflix, you can download the LoveFilm or Netflix app onto the Kindle and watch movies. LoveFilm has a feature to enter a pin code on it, as well. The pin is setup from the web-site and on the Kindle. For me it is setup from anything that is above a PG and U. This keeps me from accidentally watching anything I shouldn’t do. I can browse film but as soon as I click, ‘Play’ it asks me for my parents’ permission.

One annoying thing about the Kindle, it didn’t come with a plug charger only a USB charger. You have to buy the plug charge separately. Luckily we found an old phone charger that happens to work.

I love the fact that you can take the Kindle anywhere, it fits in your handbag.

Adults would like the Kindle Fire as well.

The Kindle Fire HD 16GB rocks!

7 days of twitter post ideas

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I have looked at my last months tweets and worked out a list of ideas for authors on Twitter.

Here are some of the different things to tweet about.

Like blog information, news, videos, questions and retweets.

This is only an idea, here is some stuff to tweet for 7 days, morning and night.

Monday morning – Link to something about the world of reading and writing.
Monday afternoon – Link to your book on sale, on the internet (for example Amazon).
Tuesday morning – What’s happening with your writing? Tell people some news 🙂
Tuesday afternoon – Tweet a YouTube link of a video review or a book trailer.
Wednesday morning – Post something on your blog and share it with twitter.
Wednesday afternoon – What are you reading at the moment? Share a good book.
Thursday morning – Ask a question of your twitter followers.
Thursday afternoon –  Re-Tweet several interesting tweets from your followers.
Friday morning – #ff (Friday follow) people who have tweeted and retweeted you this week.
Friday afternoon – It’s Friday, wish everyone a wicked weekend.
Saturday morning – Thank all your followers from the past week, those who mentioned and retweeted you.
Saturday afternoon – Remind people of your blog post from earlier in the week.
Sunday morning – Share a review that someone has written about your book.
Sunday afternoon – Share some news about your favourite author.

Top 5 #iphone and #ipad games for kids

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I probably shouldn’t have done my favourite game first, but I thought I would.

I spend far too much time on my dad’s iphone, here are my favourite child friendly games.

1.            Flow Free

The game flow is my favourite game on the iphone and ipad, it is really addictive. The aim of the game is to join the dots, but use all the empty squares. You can’t go over the lines that you have already drawn. There are easy, medium and hard settings, which can sometimes be quite tough.


2.            Theme Park

Theme park is my second favourite game. You have to build a theme park, it takes a while to play. For a day of boredom it is essential. It’s really difficult to put down.


3. WS Free (Word Search Free)

WS free is a game where you have to find words from a big square of random letters, by joining them together. The bigger the words you join up the more points you get. It is a good challenge for kids, it helps us to discover lots of new words.


4. Leap Frog

Leap frog is one of those games that I like, its just a bit of fun. You have to get your frog from one end of the level to the other, without letting it jump into the water.


5. Hangman

Everyone knows Hangman, don’t they?  The game gives you a variety of words, you have a certain amount of guesses of letters to try and solve the word. Some of the words are tough, so it has a helpful ‘hint’ button, when you get really stuck.



I am always on the lookout for new kid friendly games, if you know any let me know =)

What to blog about for kids, topics, ideas and suggestions by Heather Ellis

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Ideas, suggestions and topics for kids’ blogs

I made this video for kids who blog like me! What to blog about for kids, topics, ideas and suggestions by Heather Ellis.

This is one of my favourite videos I have made! Give it a try and let me know what you think?

Did it give you some ideas?

My favourite #Nintendo #console #computer #games

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I thought I would write about something other than books today and that is me and my Nintendo games consoles. I have a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo DS, and my dad has a very old Super Nintendo (SNES?). The Super Nintendo very rarely gets used now, because we have to tune it into the television when we want to use it. I guess this shows how technology has advanced with SCART.

My three favourite computer games are (in this order)

Super Mario Bros Wii


My mum and dad love the Mario games, which we have several for the SNES so when we bought the Wii many years ago Nintendo SMBW was one of the first games that we bought for it.The story is about the Princess who has been kidnapped by the evil character Bowser. Bowser needs to have his bottom kicked and who is best to do it, Mario! The game still has the very same feel as its earlier SNES versions and I think that is the best bit, its fresh but it still made my parents feel about 10 years old again. You can play it on your own, or as a team with the inclusion of Luigi and friends. The difficulty starts quite easy, but then it gets more difficult as you progress and towards the end you are dodging enemies, fireballs and bullets – it gets tough. It is absolutely one of my favourite games ever. I have completed it about 6 times, and I only had to cheat about 6 times in total, using the walk through Luigi help option.

Mario Kart Wii


Again my mum and dad love the Mario games, which we have several for the SNES including the original Mario Kart so when we bought the Wii many years ago Nintendo MKW was one of the first games that we bought for it. It is a fantastic racer game that you can either complete in normal race mode, or battle mode against friends at home, or even on the internet. You can play the game with the normal Wii controller, or you can use the Wii steering wheel – although it’s not everyone’s favourite way to play.You can play the game in different difficulty, easy (50cc), medium (100cc) and harsh (150cc). It is a fantastic game, with new levels and old levels – I can’t recommend it enough!

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training Nintendo DS


I own Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on the Nintento DS and I love it dearly. There is not a lot you can say about it really. You can do various tasks and games like add, subtract, you can do word games, memory tests, counting and reading tests. Brain Training is excellent and it is addictive as well as rewarding. After a while playing this game, you will be making your brain much better at doing this tasks. After a few days’ jotting down answers on the screen, and tough few days training you’ll be able to do the maths, memory and counting tests quicker than before and you’ll start taking years off your brain age.