Introducing my two cats – Do you have cats?

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I was inspired to post pictures of my two cats today thanks to

Well I have two cats, Toby and Jemima.


We have had Toby since he was a kitten the size of a five pound note, now he is a beast at two and a half years old! He is the only black and white cat in a litter of ginger cats. I named him. He is a dad’s cat, he follows my dad around everywhere and sleeps on the end of my bed.


Jemima (or Mima as we call her)

We rescued Jemima from being put down because she couldn’t find a home. I don’t know why, she is so friendly and happy! Anyway we don’t know the full history about Jemima. The vet thinks that she is about six or seven years old. She is definitely a mum’s cat, she follows and talks (in meows) to my mum. Jemima is a bit scared of men though so some of her old owners might have been men who were nasty to her. We have had her two years and she is still a bit wary of men!


Do you have cats?

#Pet bio of my #cat Jemima

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Pet Bio Jemima

Name: Jemima

Age: Approx 6, to be truthful we don’t know (rescue cat).

Date of Birth: The vet believes its approx 2007.

Likes: Sitting on laps, cuddles and chasing butterflies in the garden.

Dislikes: Heights, using the cat flap and being picked up in general.

Favourite Hiding Place: Under the Buddleia in the garden or in her igloo cat bed.

Annoying Habit: Her poo’s absolutely stink (Toxic stuff).

Good Habit : So affectionate and loving.

Distinguishing Features:  She has white paws which look like socks.

Favourite time of the day: When we get up in the morning so she can have her first cuddle of the day.

Inside or Outside: Definite inside cat.

Favourite Hobby: Chasing butterflies