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Heather Ellis – My top five books I read in 2013

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Heather Ellis – author of The Sugary-Sherburts. My top five books, that I have read in 2013.


My latest video blog, about how to choose your next book? #kidslit

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How do you go about choosing your next kids book? These are some ideas based on how I choose mine =)) Probably some good ideas for books if you’re looking for kids book present ideas for kids. Video created by me Heather Ellis at at

#Video Of My Favourite #RoaldDahl Books

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This video is my top 5 Roald Dahl books of all time.

Based on my personal favourites, not the recent results of my Roald Dahl survey.

Hope you like my video 🙂

How to create a Story Mountain for writers #kidslit #amwriting

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I have created a YouTube video on the web-site called Animoto.

In this video it explains how to create a story mountain, to plan out stories.

I do a story mountain before I start writing a story, to plan everything out.

It doesn’t always go to plan but I really like the video, hopefully kids will be able to use the video and maybe even some adults!

I hope that you all like the video as well!